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What’s driving the move towards SRI?

There are two forces driving the growth of Socially (or Sustainable) Responsible Investing: 1) the pull force of power and 2) the push force of social conscience, bound together by respectable financial returns. There is often a misconception that SRI is investor altruism with performance being a secondary consideration. In fact, the goal of SRI is to contribute to social well-being while maximizing returns. Continue reading

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Does over US$ 7 trillion in AUM mean SRI is here to stay?

Socially Responsible Investing has achieved big league status but when will hedge funds weave SRI into their investment strategies? Last year, the Eurosif (European Sustainable Investment Forum) Report put total SRI Assets under Management at around € 5 trillion (currently some US $ 7.11 trillion). But the question so far has been whether there is enough compatibility betwwen SRI strategies and hedge funds in order for them to work together? If you’re a hedge fund manager, your job will be not only to attract new capital with an offer that has the SRI seal of approval, but to retain and grow that capital by adjusting to possible changes in investor profiles and preferences. Continue reading

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Who Has Joined the SRI Club?

This post discusses several reasons why investors and companies are becoming more and more interested in SRI. Among the reasons are transparency, the avoidance of fines and real costs associated with product boycotts and reputation repair when companies are found to have non-compliant ESG and other policies. Contact us to learn more about SRI investing what the latest developments are in using investments as a catalyst for social change at . Continue reading

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