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How Did The Euro Go So Wrong? In Less Than Five Minutes, Please…


We previously posted a quick video by GenevaRoadShow.TV that analysed the roots and conception of the new Euro currency in broad brush strokes. This post follows-on with a high-level look at what happened next.  With our nose in it every day, it seems to be a blur in hindsight.

This video does a good job in running through the set-up and the amazing downward spiral of the Euro-Crisis analysing the very differing attitudes and actions of the various protagonists and attempts to discover how and why this seemingly never-ending Euro-Crisis has gone on for so long.

Meeting after meeting followed by apparently positive announcements which turn out to be largely irrelevant as the underlying substance and mechanics to support the Euro are never clear.

Greece and Ireland, Spain and Portugal…  and then Italy is always lurking just around the corner.   How did we end up in this situation?    How did it all go wrong?

The Euro-crisis now in its second year, in less than 5 minutes. A full transcript is available on GenevaRoadShow.TV.

This video is made up of a few fascinating excerpts cut from a full one hour BBC broadcast presented by Robert Peston which originally aired in the UK on Thu 17 May 2012.

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