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Eurozone Meltdown… Signs Of Hope On The Ground?

Even as Europe stoops lower than anyone dared to fear, still one of the staunchest Euro-sceptics struggles to find support and ANYONE to reject the Euro and return to national currencies.

In the BBC’s ‘This World: Michael Portillo’s Great Euro Crisis’ which first aired two days ago in the UK, from the soup kitchens of Athens to former finance ministers to Porsche factory workers, the former UK Conservative Party politician and Cabinet Minister proffers Drachma and/or Deutschemarks in place of their Euro – but, surprisingly, to no avail in either Greece OR Germany.

GenevaRoadShow.TV posted a montage of cuts of responses Portillo received from his repeated question to the various individuals interviewed.  Whilst this was an hour long presentation of the origins and current state of the Euro crisis targeted towards a broader audience, what struck us was this expressed determination by both the Greeks and the Germans interviewed to stick with the Euro.

Although the recent election results and the current political environment seem to lean towards nationalism and anti-Euro rhetoric, the stated commitment of the man in the street, both in Greece and in Germany, seems clearly to the future of the Euro.  In fact the only negative response was from a banker!  He too favored the Euro for the future, but only after dumping Greece.

Despite this demonstrated commitment, the obstacles are great and it is difficult to envisage how Greece’s politics would allow their debt ever to be repaid once/if/when they are able to balance their accounts internally..

Find the entire GenevaRoadShow.TV post here.  You can watch the entire hour long show on BBC iPlayer here, but ONLY if you’re in the UK and for the next five days.  If you’re not, we think you’ll want to so at least you can see these clips and get the gist of it here…

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