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How Did The Euro Go So Wrong? In Less Than Five Minutes, Please…

Greece and Ireland, Spain and Portugal… and then Italy. Remind me… quickly… how did we get here again? And why on Earth has this seemingly never-ending Euro-Crisis gone on for so long? We previously posted a quick video by GenevaRoadShow.TV that analysed the roots and conception of the new Euro currency in broad brush strokes. This post follows-on with a high-level look at what happened next. With our nose in it every day, it seems to be a blur in hindsight. Continue reading

The Euro: From Concept to Currency

Who would have thought that Winston Churchill would be calling for a partnership between France and Germany in 1946, little more than 12 months after the end of World War II? There, in Zurich, he was one of those sowing the seeds of the rollercoaster ride we know today as the ‘Euro’ in his speech on his vision of a United States of Europe.

So, just where did the Euro come from, and why? 1946 until the present day – in less than five minutes… Continue reading

Frontiers May Have Shifted, but Frontier Markets Are Still Growing

In the last few years the attention of investors has shifted as smaller but equally – if not even more – robust vital growth opportunities have become apparent in the less developed frontier markets.

If you can forego a chunk of liquidity then the BRIC’s successors will be at the Frontier of your investment horizon.
Continue reading

Eurozone Meltdown… Signs Of Hope On The Ground?

BBC’s ‘This World: Michael Portillo’s Great Euro Crisis’Although the recent election results and the current political environment seem to lean towards nationalism and anti-Euro rhetoric casting much doubt over the future of the Euro, a recent BBC reportage surprisingly revealed a commitment by the man in the street, both in Greece and in Germany, to the future of the Euro. A video post by GenevaRoadShow.TV contains a montage of cuts from the BBC’s ‘This World: Michael Portillo’s Great Euro Crisis’ where the former UK Conservative Party politician and Cabinet Minister proffers Drachma and/or Deutschemarks in place of the Euro. A surprising result since he’s long been one of the staunchest Euro-sceptics. Continue reading

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